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MOSS 2007 ImageButton Doesn’t Fire Event?

English (versi Indonesia) Today I have got a panic call from my fellows developer, stating that the ImageButton doesn’t fire events when user click on it. He added that it was working yesterday – but today when he come back

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MOSS 2007: Some Caveats in WebPart Development

English (Indonesian version) WebPart creation is just analogous with the one for server controls. Any child controls in the webpart must be added programatically throughout the code (no design time GUIs) – and also for the layouts. Simply, what we

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Preparing Mobile Active Directory Infrastructure

English (versi Indonesia) Often, we need to use Active Directory (AD) infrastructure during presentation. For example, AD is necessary infrastructure to demonstrate profile synchronization, audience grouping, approval hierarchy configuration using Sharepoint Designer, etc. Therefore we need mobile AD infrastructure –

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Records Management

English (baca Indonesian) The first notion in my mind about records management is a simple data / log management; however throughout learning process about MOSS 2007 concept, records management is more complex then data / log management. It’s not as

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Compatibility Problem Virtual Server / Virtual PC and Wireless Device

Indonesian: (see in English ) Kali ini gue mengalami masalah dengan virtual server. Virtual machine yang ada didalam virtual server tidak bisa terhubung melalui devais nirkabel yang ada didalam laptop. Dengan konfigurasi yang sama, hampir semua teman didalam kelas tidak

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Hawker Lau Pa Sat

Indonesian (read in English) Di Singapura, salah satu pilihan tempat makan yang cukup murah adalah “hawker”. “Hawker” tak lain adalah food junction / food court, namun dengan gedung terbuka dan tanpa AC. Jadi bayangkan saja, kalau siang hari bolong panasnya

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