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WSS 3.0: What prevents visitor from accessing your site?

English If you have worked with Sharepoint 2003 development, you probably already familiar with this problem. The site is accessible only by the Administrator – but not ordinary users (visitors). If ordinary users try to access, then he redrected to

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WSS 3.0 : New Extensions for Visual Studio 2005

English (versi Indonesia) New WSS 3.0 extensions for Visual Studio 2005, wow its great. It includes project templates for, Web Part Team Site Definition Blank Site Definition List Definition What the best part is Sharepoint Solution Generator – this is

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Sharepoint 2003: Developing Information Kiosk in 5 hours

English One of common question from client when we offer Sharepoint’s is “Can you make nice impression on the design?”. We can use Macaw Sharepoint skinner to customize the design. Macaw uses HttpModule and sets of regex match and replace

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MOSS 2007: Rounded Web Part , a Nifty Corners Cube hacks

English (versi Indonesia) You might already know Nifty Corners Cube project, its a solution based on CSS and Javascript to get rounded corners without images. It’s very handy because we can targets to the elements in web page using javascript

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