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MOSS 2007: How to delete default Shared Service?

English (versi bahasa Indonesia) You might already know that one of essential component in MOSS 2007 is the Farm’s Shared Services. Farm’s Shared Services serves all server in the farm for profiles, bussiness data catalog and many more. Default Shared

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WingsAir / LionAir Delay? Ah itu sudah biasa

Hari ini sepulang dari Surabaya, saya mencoba lagi terbang dengan menggunakan airlines group LionAir, yaitu WingsAir. Terakhir kali kira-kira 4 bulan yang lalu saya menggunakan LionAir dan terjadi delay. Dan kejadian ini berulang hari ini ketika saya memilih WingsAir. Jadi,

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MOSS 2007: Fixing SSOSrv error 0x80040e14

English (versi Indonesia) Yesterday I tried to enable single-sign-on (SSO) webpart on one of our client’s server. It was very strange since the webpart was tested well few month ago on other client – but not at this time. The

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WordPress Blogging from Word 2007

English: Blogging is new feature in Word 2007. I never expected to have it to publish to WordPress – but I found wordpress in the provider list. So, I setup my wordpress account in Word 2007 and trying to post

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