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SharePoint 2010: Howto start customize list form (New/Edit/View) using InfoPath Designer 2010

English In SharePoint 2010 there we have more option to customize list form. For instance, you can use SharePoint Designer 2010 or InfoPath Designer 2010. Since modifying list form using SPD is already exist in previous version. I will just

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Howto Series : Administration

English I am trying to blog howto series on administration with graphical descriptions. 1. Howto configure personal regional settings. 2. Howto limits page layouts availability in web site. 3. Howto enable debuging in SharePoint Web Application. 4. Howto configure alternate

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Howto series : Lambda and SharePoint

English I wrote some howto series for Lambda and SharePoint, you can find them here: 1. How to use lambda expression in SharePoint Object Model. 2. How to use lambda expression in SharePoint Object Model – working with WebApplication. 3.

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Moving to the new home

English Begining the new Year 2009, I am moving this blog to the new home I’ll keep this location for references – and archives. I still use WordPress as blogging engine in the new home – but with entirely

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Hyper V Installation using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESXI

English: I just found a video comparing installation of Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESXI. Indonesian: Ada yang mau mencoba Microsoft Hyper-V atau VMWare ESXI? Temukan caranya Hyper V side-by-side comparison.  

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Why Should We Use List and/or ID in Query String?

English (versi bahasa Indonesia) One of my team asked me why should we use “List={GUID}” and/or “ID={ItemID}” in query string? Can’t we use other query string name? My answer is yes you can use other query string name, but you

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What can cause “Error page has been modified”

English (versi bahasa Indonesia) For anyone who customize SharePoint using SharePoint Designer, I believe you’ve familiar with “Error page has been modified”. The reason is obvious, you open the page in browser while modifying it using SharePoint Designer. Then save

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