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Moving to the new home

English Begining the new Year 2009, I am moving this blog to the new home I’ll keep this location for references – and archives. I still use WordPress as blogging engine in the new home – but with entirely

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Hyper V Installation using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESXI

English: I just found a video comparing installation of Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESXI. Indonesian: Ada yang mau mencoba Microsoft Hyper-V atau VMWare ESXI? Temukan caranya Hyper V side-by-side comparison.  

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WingsAir / LionAir Delay? Ah itu sudah biasa

Hari ini sepulang dari Surabaya, saya mencoba lagi terbang dengan menggunakan airlines group LionAir, yaitu WingsAir. Terakhir kali kira-kira 4 bulan yang lalu saya menggunakan LionAir dan terjadi delay. Dan kejadian ini berulang hari ini ketika saya memilih WingsAir. Jadi,

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WordPress Blogging from Word 2007

English: Blogging is new feature in Word 2007. I never expected to have it to publish to WordPress – but I found wordpress in the provider list. So, I setup my wordpress account in Word 2007 and trying to post

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MOSS 2007 : Incoming Mail

When we set up “Incoming Email” in MOSS 2007 from operation like this, basically MOSS 2007 will run job-timer on specified time basis. It will run every 1 minute, reading, parsing and uploading email body and attachment to the document

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WSS 3.0 : New Extensions for Visual Studio 2005

English (versi Indonesia) New WSS 3.0 extensions for Visual Studio 2005, wow its great. It includes project templates for, Web Part Team Site Definition Blank Site Definition List Definition What the best part is Sharepoint Solution Generator – this is

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MOSS 2007: Some Caveats in WebPart Development

English (Indonesian version) WebPart creation is just analogous with the one for server controls. Any child controls in the webpart must be added programatically throughout the code (no design time GUIs) – and also for the layouts. Simply, what we

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